Saturday, March 2, 2013

We are not in Columbus anymore....Y'all

To start out study abroad trip, Terika and I headed to the Atl airport at 6:30 friday night. Our flight headed out about 10:30... And we almost got left! The security guy came and drove us to the gate! So we made it for the last all. The flight was about 8 hours and flew into Amsterdam. I slept most of the "night". They served a beef and mash potatoe diner and breakfast was an egg sandwich, muffin and fruit! Everything for the flight went pretty smooth minus someone needing a doctor and babies crying! 

The layover in Amsterdam was not to long there was a lot of different shops to go in and look at. the airport was very neat. ( picture) The flight from Amsterdam to Berlin was about an hour long. I enjoyed the window seat and a nap. So after 12 hours of traveling, We arrived in Berlin at 5:30pm on Saturday. Next, we got on a bus and headed to the hotel, driving through the city was a beautiful site! I cannot wait to get up and head out! ....

Dinner we ate at a local restaurant, Servus, where we had pumpkin soup, Wiener Schnitzel , potato and cucumber salad,topped off with, original Austrian Apple-Strudel. (Insert picture). 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Night before travel!

Hello all,

I am starting this blog to share my experience of my travels to Germany. I am going to Germany with Columbus State University, doing an independent study with the Communication Department. I will be studying communication and memorializing the Holocaust. I am almost packed... but of course feel like I may be forgetting something. Let's hope not! The night before I am leaving I am finishing up my mid terms, finalizing packing, starting this blog and sitting next to my boyfriend who came to visit me before I travel over seas! I am very excited for this journey!! I hope you enjoy the blogging :)

Gute Nacht. - Good Night.